Introducing Balinese Flavours to the World

Wednesday, May 03, 2017
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Having spent his entire 20 year career in the kitchen, Chef Wayan Budi at Kayumanis Sanur has always dreamed of putting Balinese food on the world map. He is passionate about quality ingredients and spends his spare time exploring the island and sampling different dishes from each region. Chef Wayan Budi is part of the original team at Kayumanis Sanur and since 2001 he has risen through the culinary ranks to a position of seniority. 



Gong Restaurant specializes in traditional Balinese cuisine and Chef Wayan Budi has been tasked with the challenge to make dishes on the menu significantly healthier without compromising flavour. He has s쳭ed by reducing fat content through using leaner cuts of meat and introducing slow cooking methods as opposed to frying. Chef Wayan Budi’s dishes are impeccably plated and look just as good as they taste to appeal to international diners.