The Artistry of Balinese Dance

Sunday, May 07, 2017

Kayumanis Group is committed to providing authentic experiences to enrich each and every stay on the island of Bali. Dining Corner Restaurant at Kayumanis Ubud presents a weekly themed dinner that introduces guests to local food and culture. Entertainment is typically a performance of traditional dance that recreates the splendour of Bali’s artistic heritage.  

The panyembrama dance is popular welcome ritual that involves two or more costumed dancers. Each exquisitely costumed dancer carries a silver bowl filled with fresh flower petals that are scattered as a symbol of warm hospitality. Imitating the gentle movements of one of Indonesia’s most endangered birds, the cendrawasih dance is a reminder that we must protect all species of fauna to avoid extinction.   

Jauk is a classical dance that dates back to the 18th century. A solo performer wears a fearsome mask to depict a demon with bulging eyes and an eerie smile. Portraying a pair of bumblebees flirting in a flower garden, oleg tamulilingan is a lively dance filled with positive energy. Lastly, the joged is a social performance that is accompanied by a traditional musical ensemble. It involves a single female dancer and she invites members of the audience to join her on stage.