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November 2017

Galungan Day / 1st November 2017

Galungan marks the beginning of a ten-day religious festival when the gods and spirits of defied ancestors are believed to temporarily return to earth. It also celebrates the universal battle of good triumphing over evil. The Balinese return home to their ancestral villages to reunite with extended family members where everyone prays and eats together.                          

Manis Galungan / 2nd November 2017                                                                                                       

Once all the ceremonial duties of Galungan are complete, it is time to dress up and go out. Traditionally, this occasion meant visiting friends and relatives. Nowadays, the Balinese tend to prefer going to the beach, shopping mall, cinema or a local attraction.

Kuningan Day / 11th November 2017

The festivities of Galungan draw to a close on Kuningan Day. A special ceremony is performed in every family temple around the island to symbolically honour the spirits of defied ancestors and bid farewell as they return to the heavens above.