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Jalan Tirta Akasa No. 28, Sanur 80227, Bali, Indonesia

Phone: 62 361 270 260 - Fax: 62 361 270 262 - Email: experience@kayumanis.com


Each Kayumanis property was carefully selected and designed to ensure that your experience is private and exclusive. Whether it's your wedding, honeymoon, anniversary, a journey of self-discovery and revitalisation, or an important corporate meeting, our properties are tailormade to provide you with the experience you'll want in your photo albums.


Specializing in upmarket balinese cuisine, gong restaurant at the gangsa promises a sensory dining experience. The menu is driven by market-fresh ingredients and seasonal delicacies infused with local herbs and spices for added flavour. every dish is a journey that unveils the exotic secrets of bali’s culinary heritage. 

Named after a classic balinese musical instrument, gong is a traditional pavilion nestled within a tranquil garden framed by mature trees and tropical greenery. It is a restful space that has been elegantly styled to seat couples and small groups in comfort. Service is second to none with meticulous attention to detail. 

The gangsa presents an exciting dining experience at gong restaurant: balinese rijsttafel - indonesia's legacy of a real culinary pleasure to sample some of the bali's best cuisines.

A selection of the island's richest and flavoursome dishes are presented in one grand meal. The freshest seafood, beef, chicken pork and vegetables are carefully prepared with the local's best herbs and spices by our balinese chef to tantalize your senses. Accompanied by steamed yellow rice and spicy condiment, this tasty array of cuisine is a heritage from the era when Indonesia was under colonial dutch rule.

Balinese rijsttafel is available everyday for lunch and dinner at only us $ 30 ++ per person. Diners will have the unique opportunity to embark on a flavoursome journey of local culinary tradition.

It is always important to start each day with a nutritious breakfast especially when away from home. Gong restaurant at Kayumanis in Sanur serves a signature menu of á la carte favourites to boost energy levels after a full night’s rest. From gourmet delights to local dishes, all taste preferences have been taken into careful consideration.

Highlights include Nasi Kuning, a traditional Balinese breakfast specialty of fragrant yellow rice served with tasty bites and condiments such as a slice of hardboiled egg and crunchy tempe. Just as good is Bubuh Kacang Hijau, sweet green bean porridge with coconut milk, jackfruit, glutinous rice and sago pearls.   


Appetites are well and truly satisfied at gong restaurant for lunch and dinner with an extensive menu that focuses on traditional Balinese cuisine. Other options are also available for less adventurous diners using quality ingredients that are sourced and prepared with integrity.

Balinese Rijstaffel is the perfect introduction to the exotic flavours of the island with an array of tasting dishes in small portions served with stir-fried yellow rice and spicy condiments. Tender Pork Ribs are a particular highlight infused with the flavours of a local spice paste before being  cooked to perfection. Nasi Campur is another favourite featuring a scoop of steamed rice accompanied by small portions of meat and vegetables accompanied by a bowl of soup.                                                                                                                                                          

Guests will enjoy a choice of signature dining activities created by gong restaurant to enhance each and every stay at Kayumanis Sanur. The Rajalaya Royal Dinner is a magical experience that honours Bali’s rich cultural heritage with traditional costumes, entertainment and cuisine. A Beach Picnic Lunch is the perfect opportunity for couples and families to spend quality time together against a backdrop of sun, sea and sand. A delicious basket full of gourmet goodies will be served whilst relaxing at our charming Sanur beach club.  

Having spent his entire 20 year career in the kitchen, Chef Wayan Budi at Kayumanis Sanur has always dreamed of putting Balinese food on the world map. He is passionate about quality ingredients and spends his spare time exploring the island and sampling different dishes from each region. Chef Wayan Budi is part of the original team at The gangsa and since 2001 he has risen through the culinary ranks to a position of seniority.

Gong Restaurant specializes in traditional Balinese cuisine and Chef Wayan Budi has been tasked with the challenge to make dishes on the menu significantly healthier without compromising flavour. He has s쳮ded by reducing fat content through using leaner cuts of meat and introducing slow cooking methods as opposed to frying. Chef Wayan Budi’s dishes are impeccably plated and look just as good as they taste to appeal to international diners.

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