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BTDC Area Nusa Dua, P.O. Box 777 Nusa Dua, Bali 80363 Indonesia

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Each Kayumanis property was carefully selected and designed to ensure that your experience is private and exclusive. Whether it's your wedding, honeymoon, anniversary, a journey of self-discovery and revitalisation, or an important corporate meeting, our properties are tailormade to provide you with the experience you'll want in your photo albums.


Tetaring at Kayumanis Nusa Dua is an elegant dining environment that introduces guests to the authentic flavours of cuisine from around the Indonesian archipelago. The menu celebrates the cultural diversity and culinary styles of this vast nation. Local ingredients are prepared following age-old recipes resulting in dishes that are served with modern flair.

Visually, the restaurant is a contemporary space with glass walls, bamboo elements and subtle displays of Indonesian artistry. It manages to embrace the future whilst respecting past traditions. There is an upstairs lounge for pre-dinner cocktails that also provides a comfortable area to just sit and relax. 

Appetites are satisfied at Tetaring for lunch and dinner with an exceptional menu of authentic Indonesian cuisine. There a number of signature dishes to choose from including Balinese Chicken Salad that comes tossed in a refreshing lemongrass sauce. Another favourite is Beef Rawon, a traditional Indonesian black beef soup served with crackers and condiments.

Timbungan Ikan Laut is an exotic main dish of baked marinated mackerel accompanied by steamed white rice and spicy sambal. This local specialty is actually cooked in a bamboo tube, which is a basic technique that came about due to the lack of utensils in many rural Indonesian villages.

A sweet treat is the perfect conclusion to any meal, especially one that that unveils so many new taste sensations. The dessert menu at Tetaring is a selection of classic home-made favourites that are sold from market stalls across the Indonesian archipelago. Lak-Lak Bali is traditional pancake served with grated coconut and palm sugar. This island specialty is made from rice flour and coconut infused with pandan leaf as an aromatic flavouring agent.

Tetaring is led by Chef, I Wayan Merta Astawa (Astawa), who has over 20 years of culinary experience under his belt. He initially embarked on a professional career in the kitchen of a renowned seafood restaurant in Kuta. Chef Astawa then spent several years perfecting his signature brand of cuisine at a luxurious Resort.

Upon joining Kayumanis Group in 2004, Chef Astawa was responsible for bringing authentic Thai cuisine to Kayumanis Ubud.  Ever the culinary chameleon, he then relocated to Kayumanis Nusa Dua where he is currently in charge of two restaurants. Together with his team, Chef Astawa treats guests to a flavoursome journey around the Indonesian archipelago that is made up of many different islands and culinary styles.

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