Bali From A Bloggers Perspective

Saturday, January 07, 2017
By PR Corp Kayumanis

One of our favourite travel bloggers is AnnikaZiehen from Hamburg, Germany. She is the founder of The Midnight Blue Elephant, a collection of social media platforms documenting her global adventures. Participating in the Trip of Wonders program organised by Indonesia’s Tourism Department. Annika recently spent three months in Bali sharing photos and stories about her various experiences. 

During her time on the island, Annika visited KayumanisUbud twice where she took pleasure in acooking class as well as a session of spa rejuvenation.Kayumanis Spa seemingly left a lasting impression and is featured in a post referencing her 10 favourite things to do in Bali.The following link onsome of the highpoints of Annika’s stay.  


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