Balinese Cultural Celebrations

Friday, January 06, 2017
By PR Corp Kayumanis

Bali’s Hindu community will celebrate three auspicious days this January in accordance to the island’s cultural calendar. Dedicated to the goddess of knowledge, wisdom and performing arts, Saraswati Day on 21st January 2017 will see colourful ceremonies take place in local schools and campuses. Books and tools of learning will be blessed with special offerings as students gather to pray for academic success. Then Pagewesi Day on 25th January 2017 will be observed primarily in North Bali with elaborate rituals to appease the gods. This is a time for the Balinese people to mentally and spiritually strengthen themselves against any negative influences that may taint their daily existence.

The night-long ritual of SiwaRatri will take place in temples across Bali on 26th January 2017. This is an evening for devotees to contemplate and reflect on life through prayer and meditation until the early hours of the next day. SiwaRatri was once reserved for priests, scholars and religious disciples seeking strength and spiritual enlightenment. Nowadays, it is a highly anticipated cultural event for Bali’s young generation. Groups of friends will dress in their finest traditional attire and meet in school temples around the island. 

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