Celebrate The Colour of Indonesia Cuisine with Kayumanis Resto Jimbaran

Tuesday, October 11, 2016
By PR Corp Kayumanis

The Kayumanis brand is all about creating authentic experiences and food is a key aspect that connects guests with their travel destination. With this in mind, Kayumanis Jimbaran conceptualized its own signature restaurant to celebrate the diversity of Indonesian cuisine.

 The result is Kayumanis Resto, an elegant dining venue that takes guests on a flavourful journey across the archipelago. The restaurant itself is a customized Javanese joglo designed to recreate the cultural nuance of a bygone era.

Kayumanis Resto is set within a garden of dancing coconut trees featuring a circle of eye-catching stones guarding the front entrance.

The back area is an enchanting environment edged by tropical greenery. It lends itself to private celebrations such as intimate weddings and special dining events.

Inspired by classic Indonesian architecture, Kayumanis Resto is crafted almost entirely from sustainably sourced hardwood. Designed to capture the rustic charm of a traditional home, it is defined by a high rooftop and wrap-around veranda.

The interior décor is tastefully understated with just a few strategically placed artefacts and an inlay of hand-painted floor tiles. A stylish open-plan bar is the main focal point where drinks are prepared with artistic flair.

Chef Oka is responsible for culinary services at Kayumanis Resto He developed his passion for food from an early age by watching his grandmother cook at home.

As a consummate professional, Chef Oka spends almost every waking hour in the kitchen fine-tuning recipes and making sure that every dish is just right. Chef Oka believes that the true essence of Indonesian cuisine is using quality ingredients that are grown and cooked with integrity.

He also says that every Indonesian dish has its own unique story. Some dishes have been inspired by the nation’s colonial heritage while others are have been influenced by religion.

At Kayumanis Resto, Chef Oka is now fulfilling his dream of showcasing the diversity of Indonesian cuisine to enthusiastic audiences of diners. 

Kayumanis Resto serves a well-balanced menu where classic favourites feature alongside modern fare.  

All traditional dishes are prepared using time-tested recipes and authentic serving techniques. A selection of more contemporary offerings are still Indonesian but are presented in a creative manner to look good and taste even better. 

Common Indonesian street foods such as satay, spring rolls and nasi goreng have also been given a new lease of life. The menu is a colourful collection of distinctive dishes from around the Indonesian archipelago. 

From Manado in North Sulawesi, there is Ayam Dabu-Dabu. This is shredded chicken served with raw vegetables and a chilli lemongrass sauce that is very similar to salsa.

Bebek Panggang Mekudus is traditional Balinese smoked duck, which is the only meat that high-caste Hindu priests are permitted to eat. Our version is marinated in local spices and served on a small clay grill.

Another favourite is Ayam Bakar Taliwang or grilled chicken leg marinated in a Lombok style sauce. Prepared using free-range chicken, this dish is preferred by the Sasak nobility.

Opor Ayam is a specialty dish from Central Java that is traditionally served to celebrate the end of the Islamic holy fasting month. It is essentially braised chicken in a coconut stew infused with exotic spices.

Kayumanis Resto also serves an exciting array of sweet treats such as Wingko Tape. This sticky cake is served with fermented rice and coconut ice cream. Wingko comes from Central Java and is a customary souvenir from the region.

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