The Charm of Jimbaran Bay

Saturday, October 27, 2018
By PR Corp Kayumanis

For fresh seafood paired with a stunning sunset in a relaxed beachfront location, Jimbaran Bay is the ultimate place to be. 

The coastal village of Jimbaran has everything you could possibly want from a relaxing tropical holiday. Blessed with a pristine stretch of white sand beach overlooking the gentle waters of the Indian Ocean, it is home to some Bali’s best hotels and resorts.

Due to its close proximity to the sea, Jimbaran has a traditional fish market and the shore is lined with casual seafood cafes for the best ‘feet-in-the-sand’ dining experience. Visitors flock here on a daily basis to enjoy Bali’s renowned sunset and savour freshly caught fish that is grilled to perfection over smoky coconut husks. 

Whilst fully embracing tourism, Jimbaran has managed to retain its traditional roots and rich cultural heritage. Elaborate temple compounds and examples of local Balinese artistry merge together with more modern facilities making the village a well-balanced blend of old and new.   

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