Dining Delights

Tuesday, March 07, 2017
By PR Corp Kayumanis

1. Delicious Local Tastes at Dining Corner

Dining Corner at Kayumanis Ubud will be honouring local cuisine this March with a special tasting menu of traditional dishes. Guests will have a chance to sample a variety of Indonesian favourites paired with a selection of classic drinks. The menu includes things like Sayur Pecel (steamed vegetables tossed in peanut sauce) and Kare Ayam Van Java (chicken curry with long beans and potato). There is also Bebek Goreng Rempah (fried spring duck with sambal) or Terong Balado (grilled eggplant with spicy chilli sauce). Available daily for lunch, this inexpensive menu highlights the diversity of Indonesia’s food culture. 

2. New Set Lunch Menu at Kayumanis Resto  

Kayumanis Resto pays tributes to authentic Indonesian cuisine in the best possible way with an array of dishes that take guests on a palate pleasing journey across the archipelago. This March, Chef Oka presents an exciting new set menu for lunch that is driven entirely by island-fresh ingredients. The starter is Ayam Dabu-Dabu, which is a Manado inspired dish of shredded chicken with raw vegetables and chilli lemongrass sauce. Next up is Nasi Gurih Rendang, a West Sumatran favourite of dry beef curry served with steamed rice infused with corn and purple potato. And for dessert there is a local version of a pancake with grated coconut to end things on a sweet note. Lunch is priced at just IDR 150.000 for three delicious courses. For all the latest updates, please follow us on instagram and facebook

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