Even the trees are happy at Kayumanis Jimbaran!

Thursday, September 29, 2016
By PR Corp Kayumanis

For it was decreed by the resort’s eco- conscious owner that structures must cede to tress, rather than the usual slash-them-down scenario. The result is an uber- stylish, sensual treat that feels blissfully Eden-esque, even though the acclaimed shopping, dining, nightlife and cultural buzz of southern Bali is within easy reach.   

The architecture leans towards what design fans would label ‘tropical modern’, with sassy sharp lines offsetting abundant natural features.Making my way to my villa is a dreamy affair.I amble along a path that wavers about massive trees and reflective, tranquilizing ponds. 

Shutting out the world behind the large timber door of my courtyard, I feel every inch the rock star.  But that’s just the start of yet another sensual exploration as I tracea path edged with tropical vegetation thatleads into a lush garden; which leads to a large pool canopied by oversized sprawling frangipani trees; which leads to vast slumbering, bathing and lounging zones. Gosh, there’s even a coconut tree in my bathroom!

The songbirds clearly like it here and I’ve also found my chirpy place. I jump in the pool and later lounge about in a delightfully textured batik robe.

As someone who hankers for space and privacy, I figured staying in a villa is the way to go. But it’s hard not to swoon at first sight of the self- contained pleasure zone that is my haven at Kayumanis Jimbaran.Lavish in proportion and rolling out over more garden then the average Australian house block, my haven is delightfully segmented, with lovely little tropical seating nooks to retreat to when me- time is called for and loads of space for families.

The bathroom is massive, with its own garden and oodles of bench space – there’s even antiques in here. When I soak in bath tub and take in a spangled night sky I relish the spice-scented potions.

‘Kayumanis’ means cinnamon in Bahasa and I’m constantly catching wafts of it – even the pens are coated in cinnamon sticks.I could happily loaf about the villa for a week, confident I’d emerge a deeply replenished and uber- relaxed version of the stress- head who originally walked over the moat.

However southern Bali is laden with accessible intrigues; so I broke my blissed out languor to take advantage of some of the many tours that run from the resort. An amiable staff member called Suparta took me to the Kedongananfish market, the largest fresh seafood market in Bali. It’s a slice of pulsing, colourful ‘old Bali’ and it’s not to be missed 

Also close to the Kayumanis Jimbaran are intriguing food markets which are visited as part of the regular schedule of tours for guests who can later learn to cook up dishes featuring their finds.

Sister resort Kayumanis Nusa Duais a short shuttle drive away. In this slick, temple of cool elegance, I relax amid rustling bamboo plants and savour a bespoke meal – quirky food preferences are treated with enthusiasm here –amidst Zen leaning architecture seemed able to declutter my brain.

Then it’s Spa time before sauntering down to the calm, quiet beach which can be enjoyed from the friendly comforts of the Kayumanis ‘beach bar’.

Trying to decide upon aheady fragrance at the spa - thelavender/ lemon combo piques my interest, as does orange and lemon,eventually I hone in on a resonant, spiced mixture of ginger and orange – is confounding, I really don’t want to miss out on any of them.

I drop in briefly at Bali Collection, a garden style centre brimming with upmarket craft, painting, clothing stores. After the buzz of retail therapy, I’m eager to return to the seclusion of my villa and the decadence of dining in my lounge room as I watch movies.

I order Gado- Gado from a menu featuring thoughtful melding of fabulous produce and exotic flavours with specific modifications -the special request is followed through with cheery precision.

It’s scrumptious, and like everything here at Kayumanis Jimbaran, I just don’t want it to end. 

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