Indonesian Food Favourites

Tuesday, October 04, 2016
By PR Corp Kayumanis

Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelago. It encompasses more than 17,000 different islands that are home to approximately 300 ethnic groups. As a result, the nation’s food culture is both vibrant and diverse. It is characterized by layers of intense flavour largely due to the availability of exotic spices.

There are a number of dishes that truly capture the essence of traditional Indonesian cuisine. First time travellers are recommended to try a few select favourites to understand what local food is really all about. Nasi goreng, also known as fried rice, is an Indonesian classic. It is often served topped with a fried egg and makes for a hearty meal any time of the day. Sate refers to succulent skewers of meat or seafood that are grilled to perfection over hot coals and come accompanied by a tasty sauce.

Many countries have their own version of chicken noodle soup and in Indonesia it is called soto ayam. There are lots of different recipes available but turmeric is the main ingredient that is used to create a rich infused broth. Another favourite is rendang, a caramelized beef curry that originates from West Sumatra. This distinctive dish was once voted one of the “World’s 50 Most Delicious Foods” in an online poll conducted by CNN International. 

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