Indonesian Independence Day

Monday, July 29, 2019
By PR Corp Kayumanis

On 17th August 2019, Indonesia will celebrate 74 years of independence with a public holiday and community activities that will bring people together. To mark this auspicious occasion, red and white flags will be on full display across Bali as a sign of national pride.

Indonesian Independence Day is honoured annually to commemorate the nation securing its freedom following more than three centuries under Dutch colonial rule. It highlights the struggle that Indonesia endured over the years to claim sovereignty and form a new system of government. The long pursuit for liberation is shown in the nation’s flag, which is simply two horizontal bands with a red top and white bottom. These colours are believed to symbolize courage and purity.

Government offices, schools and other work places will observe Indonesian Independence Day with an early morning flag raising ceremony. In the capital of Jakarta, the president will host a televised event with elaborate parades, speeches, patriotic songs and a re-enactment of the declaration of independence that was first read on 17th August 1945.

Once the formalities of Indonesian Independence Day are complete, it is then time for the real fun to begin. Villages and social groups everywhere will arrange games, activities and charity initiatives that promote community spirit. Local favourites include slippery pole climbing, sack races and cracker eating competitions for children with lots of great prizes to be won.

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