Jungle Wedding at Kayumanis Ubud

Tuesday, November 21, 2017
By PR Corp Kayumanis


 As a bridal couple preparing to embark on a journey of shared destiny, you deserve nothing but the very best. When considering a destination wedding, Kayumanis Ubud will fill your heart with joy. There are many possibilities available but our Jungle Wedding is really a once-in-a lifetime experience.  

Cocooned by exotic greenery, Kayumanis Ubud embraces a parcel of river valley landscape where the beauty of nature remains untouched by the hands of time. It is in this breathtaking setting where you will exchange your vows and commit to each other beneath the trees and before an audience of loved ones. 

Against a backdrop of pure perfection, a Jungle Wedding lets the splendour of hinterland Ubud shine through. The scent of tropical flowers will permeate the air as the gentle hum of the surrounding forest serenades the soul. Simple embellishments will draw attention to the tranquil charm of this intimate venue.     

To learn more about our Jungle Wedding, please  contact our expert team of planners via experience@kayumanis.com

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