Kayumanis Jimbaran Through The Eyes of Guest Blogger

Monday, February 13, 2017
By PR Corp Kayumanis

I had the privilege to stay at the wonderful Kayumanis Private Estate & Spa in Jimbaran. Just entering the area to Kayumanis I could feel the divine ambience and we were greeted by the most beautiful smiles and a delicious welcome drink. Me and my family felt so welcomed to this amazing property. We checked in and the lovely staff escorted us through a beautiful and peaceful alley with stunning plants and flowers. We stopped in front of a beautiful door saying ”Slepan”. I was so excited to see what was hiding behind the door. The butler opened up and we walked a few steps to pass a small embattlement covered with stunning green plants. Behind this wall, our stunning villa showed up. WOW! I lost my breath because it was so stunning. To the right a big villa with a living room and a kitchen. The specific thing that caught my eye extra much was that the villa had no walls. I do have a thing for accommodations without walls, I love to feel present to the nature that I’m surrounded by. I couldn’t wait to take a swim in our big and beautiful pool, but we continued our tour to the next villa on the other side of the pool. It was the master bedroom, where me and my sister were supposed to sleep. Such a beautiful and big room, with the most comfortable bed ever. The outdoor bathroom was breathtakingly stunning as well and my evening shower while glancing up to the stars was simply an amazing moment, and again I felt so present to the nature. 

We had the best sleep ever and woke up to a new day in the morning glory. We took a swim and called our butler to order breakfast from the menu were everything   sounded delicious. We ate our breakfast in our beautiful living room glancing to the pool and our green peaceful garden. We had a lovely moment with our fresh fruits, eggs, freshly squeezed juices, pancakes and french toast. After our lovely breakfast we had massage. I am ready to state that it was the best massage I’ve ever had. The spa had such a relaxing ambience and the therapists spoiled our bodies. We felt like princesses. 

Kayumanis are located just a few hundred metres from Jimbaran Beach, which is one of my favourite beaches in Bali. The water is turquoise and the beach has white and soft sand. Not to forget, the restaurants with the fresh delicious fish. This is a must if you are staying in Jimbaran!

Our stay with Kayumanis is an experience that will stay with me forever and I wish I could bring all my beloved ones. I wish everyone could be able to see this lovely property. Thank you Kayumanis and all the lovely staff for treating us in the best possible way. 


Review and pictures by Domino  @fashionbook


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