Kayumanis Philosophy

Saturday, July 23, 2016
By PR Corp Kayumanis

When the Kayumanis brand was first established a great deal of effort went into creating a corporate identity that would distinguish it from other hotels on the island of Bali. The vision was to develop a group of luxury villa properties in distinctive locations to satisfy the needs of sophisticated travellers with genuine hospitality and personalized services. This inspired a set of core values that are the very essence of Kayumanis even today.

Hence, all of our properties have been built on sinceritytrustrespectcare and perfection. Every new staff member must embrace these principles when they join our team of talented professionals. We strive to work together as a family to ensure that our guests have an enriching experience filled with precious memories when they stay at Kayumanis. No need goes unattended by our staff members, from simple wishes to more tailored requests, we go above and beyond to call of duty to please.   

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