Kayumanis Seaside Sanur Launches in Style

Friday, August 24, 2018
By PR Corp Kayumanis

Kayumanis Group celebrated the opening of Kayumanis Seaside Sanur on 17th August 2018 with an elegant gathering for key travel partners and media representatives. The event was an introduction to the flavourful cuisine and gracious hospitality that this stylish Indonesian bistro promises to bring to Sindhu Beach.

The official unveiling of Kayumanis Seaside Sanur was timed to coincide with Indonesian Independence Day and guests were asked to respect the occasion by dressing in traditional batik. Despite intermittent rain showers, the event itself was perfectly executed starting with afternoon cocktails and canapes served on an open deck overlooking the waters of the Indian Ocean. Everyone mingled socially to the laid-back sounds of acoustic music and waves lapping the nearby shore.  

Formalities were kept brief and Kayumanis Seaside Sanur was declared open with just a few short words and the sounding of a bronze gong. Guests were then personally escorted to table settings arranged inside the restaurant and under a covered terrace ready for dinner to be served. A delicious four-course menu curated by Chef Wayan Budi showcased a number of classic Indonesian dishes during this evening of wining and dining.

Kayumanis Seaside Sanur is a smart dining venue featuring different areas deigned to honour the essence of Bali’s favourite coastal village and its strong connection to the ocean. The bistro is sensitive to the surrounding environment and the cultural traditions that colour all aspects of daily Balinese life. With an element of colonial Indonesia elegance infused with island sophistication, it adds to the charm of Sindhu Beach

Offering a menu that celebrates the diversity of Indonesian cuisine and satisfies appetites with beach club fare, Kayumanis Seaside Sanur is where everyone can now come to eat, drink and unwind in true style.   

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