New Steam Room Facilities

Saturday, March 30, 2019
By PR Corp Kayumanis

A session in a steam room complements any type of spa treatment by opening pores and eliminating toxins for a deep cleansing effect.

Kayumanis Spa continues to explore different health and skincare traditions to enhance its evolving wellness menu of body and beauty treatments. With this in mind, steam room facilities are now available at our Ubud, Nusa Dua and Jimbaran properties.

Research shows that time spent in a steam room relaxes the body and has a positive impact on cardiovascular health. It is known to improve circulation, lower blood pressure, reduce stress and clear congestion. Regular steaming also promotes skin health, burns calories and boosts the immune system. Any session in the steam room should be limited to 15 minutes to avoid dehydration.

At Kayumanis Spa, our steam room is primarily used in conjunction with massage treatments. A short steaming session loosens stiff joins, eases tension and contributes to a feeling of overall well-being. A lukewarm shower is always advisable after spending any time in the steam room in order to wash away excess sweat and close the pores of the skin. 

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