Piasan Restaurant at Kayumanis Nusa Dua

Sunday, October 09, 2016
By PR Corp Kayumanis

Piasan Restaurant favours a slightly more up-market design but still maintains the Kayumanis flair for style and visual appeal. The main dining area is an enclosed environment of clear glass to create a sense of spaciousness that belies its actual size. Individual rods of polished bamboo appear to line the ceiling making for an interesting blend of modern and traditional elements. Outdoor dining accommodates only a couple of intimate table settings against a waterway backdrop and a giant fire urn that is lit after dark.

Once again Executive Chef, Astawa has managed to show his level of culinary expertise with a menu that truly celebrates the tastes of Italy. Away from the kitchen, Astawa is a humble Balinese man, but it is his obvious passion for good food that saw him quickly rise through the ranks with previous employer a five stars resort in Bali. Clean flavors are an indication of Astawa’s obsession for market fresh produce.

Piasan Restaurant has moved away from the typical concept of a la carte dining and has instead implemented a series of set menus. Dishes tend to vary depending on what choice products happen to be available on any given day. If  it seafood that catches Denny’s eye then invariably the menu might include Minestra di Aragosta – fresh lobster soup with vegetables and pasta or maybe Salmone al Ferri di Asparagi e peperonata – char grilled fresh salmon on lettuce asparagus and peperonata.

At Piasan Restaurant, Kayumanis has set to capture the ritual of typical Italian home dining which is a delicious feast of well prepared food and social interaction.Each set menu includes an appetizer or soup and main meal in decent sized portions that still leave diners with enough appetite to sample desert and of course an Italian style espresso. A fully stocked bar of cocktails, spirits and selection of fine international wines are also available.

Open for lunch and dinner, Piasan Restaurant at Kayumanis is set to add a touch of contemporary class to the dining options that already exist within the exclusive Nusa Dua enclave. Reservations are recommended via reservationnusadua@kayumanis.com or call to +62361 - 770777

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