Ritual Blessing for Kayumanis Seaside Sanur

Thursday, July 19, 2018
By PR Corp Kayumanis

Preparations are underway for the upcoming launch of Kayumanis Seaside Sanur, an intimate Indonesian bistro. In accordance to local Balinese tradition, a ritual Hindu blessing ceremony will be conducted first to symbolically bring the site ‘to life’ with offerings, prayers and holy water.

This kind of ceremony is referred to as Melaspas and it is typically carried out for any new home or building on the island prior to habitation. It took place on 27th July 2018 to coincide with the full moon, which is considered an auspicious day on Bali’s cultural calendar. The ceremony itself will be performed by a high caste priest who will purify the bistro by reciting sacred mantras.

Kayumanis Seaside Sanur will be considered ready for its soft opening in August once this ritual dedication is complete. Upon launching, it is expected to bring a touch of contemporary Indonesian elegance and culinary diversity to Bali’s most historic beachfront destination. With versatile indoor and outdoor seating for up to 150 people, the bistro will be a place to enjoy flavourful cuisine and seriously good coffee in a charming setting overlooking the Indian Ocean.  

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