Sensory Surrender at Kayumanis Ubud

Thursday, July 19, 2018
By PR Corp Kayumanis

For the ultimate experience in personal rejuvenation, Sensory Surrender at Kayumanis Ubud will take you on a renewing journey inspired by nature.

Exclusive to Kayumanis Ubud, Sensory Surrender involves six hours of pure indulgence with a special focus on physical and spiritual wellness. It begins with an early morning trek along the banks of the Ayung River and ventures through rice fields being cultivated by the local farming community. This engaging excursion provides a detailed look at the simplicity of village life on the island of Bali.

Upon returning to Kayumanis Ubud, it is then time to participate in an enlivening session of yoga. A trained instructor will guide you through a sequence of gentle stretches and deep breathing exercises to improve cardio and respiratory health. This is followed by a soul blessing ceremony, which is an act of purification performed using water from a sacred spring infused with fresh flowers. As a cleansing ritual, it is intended to refresh the body, mind and spirit.  

The next part of this signature spa package is a relaxing massage treatment to melt away all traces of stress and muscle tension. It is performed using the intuitive art of touch as well as hot stones to identify problem areas on the body that may need some extra care. Finish off with your preferred choice of a facial to give your skin a new lease of life or a foot massage to soothe tired toes. Finally, you will get to enjoy a light meal of nutritionally balanced cuisine served in the tranquil ambience of Delight Corner, which is a picturesque setting cocooned by tropical greenery.

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