A Taste of Bali

Saturday, June 29, 2019
By PR Corp Kayumanis

Discover the rich flavours of authentic Balinese cuisine at Gong Restaurant by Kayumanis Sanur Private Villa & Spa.

Specialising in Balinese cuisine presented with a modern twist, Gong Restaurant promises a sensory dining experience. The menu is driven by market-fresh ingredients and seasonal delicacies infused with local herbs and spices for added layers of flavour. Every dish is an edible journey that unveils the exotic secrets of Bali’s culinary heritage.

Guests who are unfamiliar with the island’s cuisine are encouraged to try the Balinese Rijstaffel. This is a traditional style of dining that dates back to Dutch colonial times and involves an array of tasting dishes for everyone to share. It is the perfect introduction to local food with a selection of appetisers, soup and six main dishes served with yellow rice and spicy sambal condiments.

Named after a classic Balinese musical instrument, Gong Restaurant is an airy pavilion nestled within a tranquil garden framed by mature trees and tropical greenery. It is a restful space that has been elegantly styled to seat couples and small groups in total comfort. Open for all day dining, service at Gong Restaurant is second to none with meticulous attention paid to even the smallest detail.

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