Tegalalang Rice Terrace

Monday, May 27, 2019
By PR Corp Kayumanis

Explore the natural beauty of Bali with a visit to the spectacular rice terrace of Tegalalang located just outside of Ubud.

The semi-rural village of Tegalalang is known for its picturesque rice fields that have been etched into a valley landscape by generations of Balinese farmers. Over the years, this green spot has become a popular tourist destination that has managed to preserve the island’s age-old rice growing heritage. A traditional irrigation system known as subak is implemented to ensure that each field receives a fair share of water.

The best time to visit Tegalalang is early morning or late afternoon to avoid crowds and the heat of the day. As a visitor, you will be free to walk amongst the rice fields and take photos of the surrounding scenery. No entrance fee applies; however, the local community request that a small donation be made to help protect the area.

Tegalalang is also home to many Balinese artisans and it is where many of the island’s colourful handcrafts are produced. The main street just north of Ubud is lined with vibrant shopfronts where you can stop and buy wooden homewares, trinkets and souvenirs for the cheapest possible prices.  

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