Traditional Balinese Costumes

Saturday, October 27, 2018
By PR Corp Kayumanis

From October 2018 onwards, more people will be seen wearing traditional Balinese costumes to work and school. 

Bali recently elected a new governor and he has recently implemented various regulations to preserve the island’s local cultural heritage. Perhaps the most visible directive is that all employees and students have been asked to wear traditional Balinese costumes every Thursday and on auspicious ceremonial days. This means a sarong, smart shirt and cloth headdress for men. Meanwhile, women must wear a sarong and a tailored blouse with a sash tied around the waist. 

At Kayumanis Group, we have eagerly embraced this government directive by wearing our finest Balinese costumes with pride. This initiative has enabled us to engage with guests and share information about the Bali’s unique culture, which is driven by the Hindu religion. It also supports the local economy as everyone wants to look their best by wearing the very latest trends in traditional attire. 

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