Traditional Balinese Healing

Monday, October 31, 2016
By PR Corp Kayumanis

Traditional healing has long been intrinsically linked to Bali’s rich cultural heritage. It involves using local plant materials, holistic therapies and ancient wisdoms to cure physical and mental conditions. This practice is based on the Balinese believe that we all exist in the conscious world as well as in an unseen and intangible world. Therefore, traditional Balinese healing must address both of these realms in order to provide a cure.

The book and subsequent movie entitled Eat, Pray, Love put the spotlight on Balinese healing. However, many local healers are popular simply through word of mouth. Pak Sirkus, for example, sees queues of patients on a daily basis from his home practice in Canggu. His intuitive treatments are based on body manipulation and the power of touch to provide relief from many different ailments. 

Tjokorda Gede Rai is another well-known healer who practices from his home just out of Ubud. He uses a wooden stick to prod and poke the feet of his patients to heal parts of the body that hurt. His expansive knowledge comes from sacred Balinese scriptures, meditation and rituals. The chance to visit a traditional Balinese healer can be an enlightening experience that shows the island in a totally different light.  

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