United With Nature

Wednesday, July 12, 2017
By PR Corp Kayumanis

Drawing inspiration from Bali’s healing heritage, Kayumanis Spa Ubud offers a detailed menu of body and beauty treatments to counteract the effects of living in today’s modern world. Removed from all distractions, it is a place to temporarily disconnect from the unnecessary trappings of everyday life.

For essential rejuvenation, place yourself in the hands of our trained spa therapist who will channel the intuitive power of touch to melt away all your stress and muscular tension. Be lulled by the soft sound of birdsong and the drift of water carving a meandering path through the surrounding landscape.

Participate in a guided session of yoga where gentle postures and coordinated breathing exercises will enhance your overall physical and mental well-being. For something truly unique, take pleasure in a traditional Balinese blessing ritual to cleanse your body, mind and spirit using sacred spring water.

An interactive cooking class is also conducted in a tranquil setting adjacent to Kayumanis Spa Ubud. It includes an informative herb walk to gather fresh ingredients followed by a hands-on tutorial that unveils the culinary secrets of authentic Balinese cuisine. The class concludes with a delicious lunch served by the pool at Delight Corner Restaurant. 

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