Kayumanis Yangshuo Private Villa & Spa

Opening in 2021

Cocooned within 18 hectares of prime riverside landscape, Kayumanis Yangshuo brings an element of luxury to a rural area characterised by its magnificent karst mountains. Featuring a bespoke collection of 30 private villas and lifestyle facilities, it is an exclusive retreat for discerning travellers looking to temporarily escape and reconnect with the splendour of nature.


Nine Restaurant is a floating structure with frameless windows. It presents a double-sided view of a dramatic landscape dominated by towering the Limestone Mountains. This clean-lined dining venue takes guests on a sensory journey that unveils the exotic flavors of contemporary Chinese cuisine. The menu fleetingly flirts with Western fusion and Asian specialties, particularly from Indonesia, using fresh and seasonal ingredients sourced locally. Nine Restaurant sets the stage for a semi-fine dining experience with a hint of playfulness that adds exclusivity to Yangshuo’s evolving dining scene...


Kayumanis Spa at Yangshuo reflects the serenity of the local countryside that is picture-perfect and steeped in old-world charm. A carefully curated menu of body and beauty treatments is inspired by holistic Balinese wellness. In-house therapists trained in the intuitive power of touch to offer life-altering experiences. All treatments are tailored to address specific health concerns, promote deep relaxation, restore balance and reverse the effects of living in today’s modern world...

The quaint little village of Sizhuang is located in Tangshan, which once served as the exclusive hot spring destination of imperial royalty dating back to the Qin Dynasty. During those days, the crystal clear waters of these springs were sought for their “power” to cure disease and ailments, and for enhancing their beauty.

Still recognized by the Chinese government as one of the best hot springs destinations in China today, Sizhuang is now home to Kayumanis Nanjing Private Villa. Set amidst a picturesque lake and the relaxing views of traditional rural farms, Kayumanis Nanjing Private Villa is an ideal retreat for those seeking escape from the rigors of living in today’s fast-paced world.

Li River

The Li River carves a meandering path through Guilin and a cruise along its gentle waters is believed to be the very best river excursion that international travellers can ever experience. The journey is literally a visual feast where certain areas of the countryside appear to remain untouched by the passing hands of time. Li River gives a rare insight into a rural way of life where the banks are lined with quaint villages, bamboo plantations and traditional farmland. For centuries local fishermen here have implemented the unique technique of using trained cormorant birds to pluck fish out of the river. The scenic beauty of the area is so captivating that it is even depicted on China’s national currently on back of the RMB 20 banknote.

Recreational Activities

As an alternative to the excursions and places of interest that draw travellers outside the property, Kayumanis Yangshuo Private Villa & Spa has created a collection of tailored activities for those seeking a more low-key day of relaxion. Discover the secrets of regional Chinese cooking with our Executive Chef, or learn the delicate art of calligraphy. A fascinating tutorial on Chinese culture will enlighten you on local customs, etiquette and the history that has helped shaped this vast nation.

A guided yoga and meditation class will encourage you to realise your full physical, mental and spiritual potential. A comprehensive menu of body and beauty treatments by Kayumanis Spa at Yangshuo will introduce you to the ancient healing practice of holistic Balinese wellness. For in-villa dining, a private picnic luncheon, romantic candlelight dinner or casual BBQ can also be arranged for you culinary pleasure.

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